Do you like the Inter­net? Well, you’re going to like it even a lit­tle bit more when you find out that music by yours truly, Patrick Brealey, is stream­ing for your e-​​listening plea­sure on the media-​​defying web­site, Rdio. What does that mean, you ask? Allow me to explain. For those of you already famil­iar with Rdio, you will know that once you sub­scribe to the ser­vice for a nom­i­nal fee you have access to a seem­ingly end­less library of music from all gen­res and even some in between. Is every­thing that has ever been released to the world acces­si­ble on Rdio? No. I had a hard time find­ing the songs of hump­back whales that came as a floppy record in a National Geo­graphic from the 1980s. But let’s not focus on what isn’t there. Let’s talk about what you can lis­ten to: like ME! Click the logo to start exploring: rdio-icon