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Folk Alliance

I’m look­ing for­ward to the insan­ity that is Folk Alliance, a music con­fer­ence that is descend­ing upon Toronto Feb­ru­ary 20–24. For those of you attend­ing the con­fer­ence, I will be play­ing sev­eral times over the week­end. Where? When? Here ya go:

Thurs. Feb 21 — 12:30am — Rm 1265
Fri. Feb 22 — 11:50pm — Rm 1265
Fri. Feb 22 — 1:30am — Rm 1067
Fri. Feb 22 — 2:30am — Rm 1265
Sat. Feb 23 — 2:30am — Rm 1265

Keep in mind that Room 1265 is being hosted by one of my favourite Toronto blue­grass groups, The Slo­can Ram­blers, and is very gra­ciously being spon­sored by Creemore Brew­ing (wink, wink)

Name That Band

Come out to Toronto’s Cameron House this Fri­day, Octo­ber 26th to be the first to wit­ness a new band in the mak­ing! I’m excited to be play­ing with Del Cowsill (bass, rock wails), Miranda Mul­hol­land (vio­lin, mag­net­ism), Nichol Robert­son (elec. gui­tar, musi­cal con­tor­tion) and Josh Van Tas­sel (drums, sage wis­dom). See you there!

Oh, and the band needs a name. I put it to you. Who­ever names the band gets mailed a scented let­ter from yours truly.

Sasquatch Sighting

Who knew Toronto had its own elu­sive manmyth?


A Lesson in Cussin’

Check out this lit­tle ditty I wrote for Leon Knight & the Neon Lights. Who is Leon Knight, you ask? Just the biggest, bad­dest, grouch­i­est, sloven­li­est coun­try star that ever didn’t exist! Check the Shows link for the next performance.

Leon Knight & The Neon Lights — Teach Me How To Rock n’ Roll by nichol­robert­son

The Year of Focus

And so here we are: a new year. 2012. The Chi­nese cal­en­dar declares it to be the Year of the Dragon — an ani­mal that is strong, proud and noble but is also known to be impetu­ous and, at times, tyran­ni­cal. Sounds like a bold year to me. When it comes to other cal­en­dars, I’m sure your neigh­bourly con­spir­acy the­o­rist has told you that 2012 is obvi­ously the year of the apoc­a­lypse since the Mayan cal­en­dar appears to end on Decem­ber 21, 2012. Of course, nobody really lis­tens to the Mayan his­tory schol­ars (with all of their “edu­ca­tion”) who state that the Mayan cal­en­dar­mak­ers weren’t proph­esy­ing about the end of the world, but rather the 20 katuns of the 13th b’ak’tun will have sim­ply run their course as per the Maya Long Count Cal­en­dar and Decem­ber 22, 2012 will mark the begin­ning of the 14th b’ak’tun. You got it — party time. So it is with the bold­ness of the Dragon and the ris­ing cel­e­bra­tory light of the shift­ing Mayan cal­en­dar that I take the first steps into 2012.

I aim to make 2012 a Year of Focus. Don’t fold into dis­trac­tion. Be bold. Be right­eous. Be…impetuous. I hope that you have imag­ined what your year might look like. Feel free to tell me. Com­ment if you like! Let’s talk!

That being said, I don’t want you to think that 2011 was all wax and beans. It was good too. I learned and grew in ways I didn’t expect. For instance, I became a bet­ter swim­mer. I learned how to breathe prop­erly while doing the front crawl. Sure, some of you may think that’s an easy task but I know there are those of you out there who know what I’m talk­ing about — per­haps you cringe and are slightly embar­rassed that you got through child­hood swim­ming lessons with panic and adren­a­lin, but mas­ter­ing the rela­tion­ship between breath­ing and swim­ming eas­ier than it seems. The key is to relax. Focus. Be calm. When you put you head under­wa­ter remem­ber you will be bring­ing it back out to get more air. No need to panic. Slow down. One breath. Stroke, stroke. One breath. Stroke, stroke. Even­tu­ally, you stop think­ing about what you are doing and it feels as though you are breath­ing under­wa­ter. It begins to feel nat­ural. What I’ve learned is that by focussing on being relaxed I’ve been able to let go of the things that tripped me up pre­vi­ously, which in this case was some­thing as sim­ple as breath­ing. And so I take the bold­ness of the Dragon, the cel­e­bra­tion of the Maya and the relaxed focus of the swim­ming pool and I say, “Come with me, 2012. Let’s dance.”

Be good to your­selves,

Does it look straight?

CBC Tune of the Day

Thanks to Tom Power, host of CBC Radio 2 Morn­ing for choos­ing “I Don’t Want to Hear Another Love Song” as the Tune of the Day!

Liked it on the radio? Try watch­ing the video!


Do your­self a favour and visit Toronto Island, a mere 10 minute ferry trip from down­town. Then have a pic­nic as though you are in an F. Scott Fitzger­ald novel. How civil!


Vancouver — Fri. March 18

Just a quick note to let those in Van­cou­ver area know that I will be play­ing a solo show on Fri­day, March 18th at The Main (4210 Main St. @ E. 26th Ave.) I will be play­ing a few new songs for you all! Look­ing for­ward to see­ing famil­iar faces!

Sweet Impression

You know some­body loves you when they design a cookie to look like you. Thank you, Heather!

Ready for my close-​​up

Take a look at the new video for “I Don’t Want to Hear Another Love Song”! EXCITING! Pro­duced by Vul­ture Cul­ture films. Or Watch it Here.

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