Patrick Brealey

The music and musings of Canadian songwriter Patrick Brealey

Mercury in Songbirds

“…filled to the brim with swag­ger, ten­der­ness, a pen­chant for per­cus­sive clank and above all, charisma.” - Hero­Hill

“…a swing­ing roots/​country artist whose writ­ing smacks of expe­ri­ence well beyond his years.” - Van­cou­ver Province

  1. My End of the Deal
  2. I Don’t Want to Hear Another Love Song
  3. Some­thing to Do with You
  4. Cast­away Heart
  5. Some Days Aren’t Very Good
  6. Bless­ing in Disguise
  7. The Devil Didn’t Make Me Do It
  8. Please Don’t Love Me with that Love
  9. Wild­fire
  10. Tell Her, Tell Him
  11. Learn to Let It Go
  12. A Lit­tle On The Side

City Blood, Country Heart

  1. The Jeal­ous Type
  2. How Would You Choose to Be Loved?
  3. Cof­fee Room Confessions
  4. Home Sweet Oklahoma
  5. City Blood, Coun­try Heart
  6. What Did You Expect?
  7. I Pity Your Dog
  8. The Escaper’s Waltz
  9. Col­li­sions with Your Poten­tial Future Headache
  10. Start Any­where
  11. Fences